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Why Do Realtors Love Mortgage PreFlight?

  • Know Before You Show – automatically determine if prospective buyers are qualified before showing properties.
  • Enhanced Safety – Authenticate the identity of prospects before property viewings or private meetings.
  • Powerful Marketing Advantage – attract more potential buyers and listings and sell more homes.



“Mortgage Preflight has allowed me to help buyers get a mortgage checklist instantly, on their own 24 hours a day”
Branch Manager Lisa in Michigan



PreFlight = Competitive Advantage

Free Leads and Referrals, 24/7… Forever

Attract the best referral partners (Realtors®, builders, CPAs…)

Built-in talking points vs. rate and terms.

Automatically generate invested applicants.

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The next person to see your credit score should be you!

  • With Mortgage Preflight you see the real credit scores before your lender.
  • Do not give your personal information over the phone to someone have never seen?
  • Mortgage Preflight gives you all the details of your credit report on just one page report.
  • Want to find a lender in your area just Click here and we will find one for you.