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    Mortgage Preflight® is a free referral generation tool that automatically delivers potential buyers from every email, web-page, blog, social media and forum. See how Preflight can help you Sell More Homes.
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    “2011 was the deadliest year on record for real estate professionals with 11 killed and over 940 reported attacks on Realtors. These included assaults, rapes and robberies that resulted in murders.”
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    “Know before you show”
    Preflight automatically pre-qualifies every potential buyer up front before you invest time and energy in showing properties.
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  • Preflight Facts

    • 80% of Preflight transactions occur on REALTOR web and Social Media pages.
    • 71% of home buyers use e-mail, apps, and websites, to submit documents to lenders.
    • Gen Y is most likely to also look online for information about the home buying process
    • More than half of Gen Y and Gen X buyers used a mobile device during their home search.
    • 6 percent of Gen Y and 22 percent of Gen X found the home they ultimately purchased via a mobile device.
    • Mortgage Preflight is optimized for mobile device use!
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