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Attract More Buyers

Mortgage Preflight® is a referral generation tool that automatically delivers potential buyers from every email, web-page, blog, social media and forum. You gain a competitive advantage by providing buyers instant access to needed credit and FICO® score data not available elsewhere.  Preflight® quickly becomes your best referral source.

Prospects are delivered to your Preflight®-enabled website or social media pages where they obtain all three FICO® scores and their Mortgage Preflight® report, a custom mortgage checklist specifically designed to jump-start the mortgage process. You and your favored mortgage professional receive instant notifications containing the prospects information and access to the buyer’s credit and score data — all within seconds and all paid for by the applicant.

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Protect Yourself and your Family

Allowing strangers in your vehicle, arranging private meetings at rural, often unoccupied properties — the very nature of being a REALTOR® means you take risks. Preflight® provides critical safety and security enhancements for real estate professionals. Instantly authenticate the identity of every prospective buyer before allowing access to your vehicle or arranging private meetings.

Sell More Homes

“Know before you show”

Preflight® automatically prequalifies every potential buyer up-front before you invest time and energy in showing properties. Preflight® works from virtually anywhere including most handheld devices such as Apple iPhone®, iPad®, AndroidTM and Windows® Mobile devices (great for open houses).

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