Creating your PreFlight Landing Page & OR Code

Creating Your Preflight Landing Page & O.R. Code.

Before you begin:

Adding Preflight® to an existing website requires administrative access. If access is not available, simply forward your Welcome aboard email to the appropriate manager, IT staff or hosting service for implementation. More information on setting up your Preflight® Landing Page is available in the FAQs.

 While logos and hyperlinks are very effective in web-based marketing, a far better option exists for print marketing. Requiring as little as a 1.25” square space, Quick Response (QR) Codes are an easy and effective way to drive smart phone enabled applicants directly to your Preflight® landing page. QR codes are simple bar codes that are capable of containing more data, enough for even the longest URLs.

Once scanned with a code-reader enabled smart-phone (available free in all app stores including Apple IOS, Android, and Windows Mobile), the user is instantly transported to the website encoded in the image.

Generating your QR code is simple, using any free QR code generator (examples provided at the bottom of this page.) In seconds you can create a custom QR code for use in all your marketing. Suggestions include most forms of visual advertising,

  • Business cards, forms and letterhead
  • Printed marketing collateral
  • Real estate For Sale signs and home flyers (especially valuable in FSBO advertising)
  • Large stickers and labels for use on For Sale signs, key boxes and literature holders
  • Magnetic signs for use on vehicles
  • Tradeshow, first time home buyer, lunch-and-learn events (can be projected on screen)
  • Promotional / give-away items (all that’s needed is the 1.25” square space)
  • Outdoor marketing – Everything from park benches and buses to Billboards

NOTE: Your QR code must be created using the URL to your webpage containing your Preflight® form NOT the Preflight® code itself.

To create your Preflight® landing page and QR code, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Determine which page will be your Preflight® landing page. Ideally this will be your personal web page containing your photograph and greeting.
  2. Using any HTML editor, insert an iFrame in the location you wish the Preflight® form to appear.
  3. Copy and paste the custom Preflight® URL provided in your welcome aboard email into the newly created iFrame and save the webpage page.
  4. Adjust the size and margins of the iFrame to eliminate any scroll boxes and to match the rest of the page design.
  5. To create your QR code, copy of the URL of your newly created Preflight® landing page and paste it into any QR Code Generator (for convenience, we’ve provided a list of free QR Code generators below.) Once youve created your QR code, simply Right-Click on the image and save it for use in all of your marketing and advertising.