FAQs for Partner Preflight

FAQs for Partner PreFlight

Mortgage Preflight® is a new, revolutionary prequalification and referral system that automatically generates new buyer relationships and referrals while providing critical protection for real estate professionals. Capture and prequalify prospects in real time and create a competitive advantage by providing buyers access to needed credit and FICO® score data not available elsewhere. Preflight® automatically gathers potential buyers from every email, web-page, blog, social media and forum post, quickly becoming your best referral source.
Zip, Zero, Nada. As a Mortgage Preflight® partner – you pay nothing. Access to Mortgage Preflight® and the creation of your partner account is provided free of charge by your favorite mortgage professional. No fees apply.
Preflight® is available exclusively through a National network of certified, Preflight®-enabled mortgage professionals. For more information ask your preferred lender for a Mortgage Preflight® invitation. You can also request a referral to a Mortgage Preflight® enabled lender in your market via email at support@
The key to success with Preflight® is to promote your Preflight® Logo and link everywhere possible. Upon registration, you will receive detailed step-by-step guidance on deploying Mortgage Preflight® and maximizing referrals. The key is making it easy for potential clients and referral partners to find you. This starts with adding it to your email signature. Other examples include:
  • Preflight®-enable your website and/or social media sites using your Preflight® hosted webpage.
  • Include your Preflight® Logo and/or URL in every blog and forum post.
  • Add your Mortgage Preflight® enabled logo or link to your social media presence including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter…
  • Promoting your current and prospective referral partners to include your hyperlink in their Websites, email, blogs and forum posts. Most every potential referral source will be excited about the opportunity to automatically capture new business 24/7.
  • Engage and automate referrals from virtually any source including, Builders, Attorneys, CPAs, Financial Planners…
All hyperlinks created through Mortgage Preflight® remain active as long as both the lender and user accounts remain in good standing. This enables you to create referral networks containing many thousands of opportunities to generate new buyers and sellers.
No. Mortgage Preflight® is a patent-pending service available exclusively through Credit Technologies, Inc®.
No problem, just have your preferred lender contact us at 855.982.8050 and we’ll get them approved and provide access to Mortgage Preflight®. You’ll have partner access to Mortgage Preflight® in about a week.
Mortgage Preflight® is registered to; and customized for each individual real estate agent. You can add additional User's (agents) via the Invite process from within Preflight®.
It’s easy to incorporate Mortgage Preflight® in your website. Simply copy the Preflight® webpage URL provided on your My Profile page and hyperlink to a Preflight® Logo from the marketing library and place on your personal website. – Your website is instantly Preflight® enabled. Preflight® can be added to your home page and or individual web-pages for each User/agent. If you chose to embed your Preflight® webpage into your personal or corporate website your web designer or IT department will be able to assist you with ease by using the “Add Preflight® to my website” tab within the Preflight2 system.
While each Mortgage Preflight® Partner URL is registered to a specific agent, the ability to redirect those URL's belong to the administrator on the account.  The page of the individual whom has left the company can, with a few clicks of a mouse, be redirected to a different agent of your choosing.
No. The Mortgage Preflight® agreements strictly limit the use of Mortgage Preflight® to mortgage lending purposes. Use for any other reason, including credit repair or counseling is prohibited. Credit Technologies® further prohibits the placement of any Mortgage Preflight® URL; or the use of any Mortgage Preflight® service by any credit repair or credit counseling provider or promoter. Specific Mortgage Preflight® requirement and restrictions are available in the Preflight® Partner Disclosure section during registration. Later enhancements to Preflight® will include a tenant screening version. Failure to comply with the membership and Preflight® agreements including engaging in prohibited practices will result in the immediate suspension of the account.