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The Marketing Library

The key to maximizing your results with Preflight® is making sure all communication and marketing efforts include a link to your Preflight® webpage. This includes everything from your email signature to website, social media blogs and forums. Once you have customized your Preflight® wepage, it’s a simple process to “point” all referral points to it using a Preflight® graphic containing your webpage URL.

To use the below Preflight® images, simply right mouse-click on the desired image or link/format and select “save picture as” or “save link as.” The selected image can then be saved to your computer, choosing an appropriate size for use in your email signature, website, and in developing promotions including Preflight®. After adding your image to the desired location, add your Peflight webpage URL to the image using a right mouse-click on the image, select Hyperlink and paste URL.

The Preflight® logos below are optimized for web and electronic use and can be used stand-alone, or can be added to your corporate logo, (i.e. Powered by, or by adding the logo directly below your Corporate logo).

Please Note: Logos with type that are 200 px wide are generally not recommended, being too small for most uses, and are intended only for email if/when necessary. If you can use the next larger size up, it is recommended.